1. /** 0.1.0 beta 12 build 112 / 26 January 2018 / c6d95fe919cc0d2a7d488e2739481b857ff96c47 **/
  2. c6d95fe update to build 112
  3. 1725062 Merge pull request #242 from lukeswitz/233_allow_screen_lock_fix
  4. b678096 add art header
  5. fe861da updated strings from transifex
  6. e94b4cc Merge pull request #240 from PelicanMaster/translations/french
  7. 90c5797 Merge pull request #223 from WangQiru/master
  8. f8fbade Merge branch 'fat-tire-issue-225'
  9. 36ae52c Merge branch 'issue-225' of into fat-tire-issue-225
  10. 1a3397e Merge pull request #236 from fat-tire/issue-227
  11. 7443e75 Merge pull request #234 from fat-tire/issue-224
  12. 5cc8a1a allow screen to lock after countdown
  13. 0c4ac2a Translated and improved previous translations to french.
  14. d6d0b6b Update Chinese translation with upstream
  15. /** 0.1.0 beta 11 build 111 / 20 January 2018 / 9fed87a50b67fab24bff851364e7a0b269d2cc5c **/
  16. 9fed87a build 111
  17. 07f1c5f fix more camera state issues found in Android 4.1
  18. 88432ed camera switch fixes for #238
  19. /** 0.1.0 beta 10 build 110 / 19 January 2017 / 24eb0116cd4d1355f013010d389c807c0fcc96ff **/
  20. 24eb011 update to build 110
  21. 6b20f29 don't stop camera when surface/fragment is paused - keep it going!
  22. 64587a6 don't hide preview when paused, as it causes camera to stop working when screen turns off
  23. 581ae37 tuning of sensor sensitivity UI and preference setting
  24. 51186eb ensure sensor configurations are properly saved
  25. 8ff99eb set default motion value to a correct amount
  26. b954746 for #232 ensure setting notificaitons to 0 "max" works
  27. /** 0.1.0 beta 9 build 109 / 19 January 2017 / 5cfe8bc629219a4a3f801edfca9a6e7af3f8fe69 **/
  28. 5cfe8bc update to build 109
  29. cd6ec13 for #230, re-enables web server with password requirement
  30. 3e92554 new localizations for app strings and store descriptions
  31. /** 0.1.0 beta 8 build 108 / 18 January 2017 / fa3d445584fb29d4fd227c84a58274c48a5339aa **/
  32. fa3d445 update to build 108 (beta 8)
  33. 3a438ee for #137 #211 ensure MonitorActivity state is in sync with MonitorService - this allows you to leave and re-exit the monitor activity with bg service still running - this should also improve cases where activity crases but monitoservice is still live
  34. e206c56 show the localized "password" in web interface
  35. ded33f2 for #162, implement pause/resume handling of camera preview
  36. a58f7ed more on #111 to keep screen on, to keep camera active
  37. d3ef157 if running, don't update string with timer message
  38. a8ef1cc work on #111 disable battery opt to allow full background mode
  39. c7d694b update localizations from transifex
  40. 2373f2a add camera sensitivity config to onboarding
  41. 985f14e update camera sensitivty config UI
  42. e54a6ee for #213 re-implemented time windows for notifications
  43. 47395d9 initial work on camera sensitivity config #146 #85 #212
  44. 52f9627 require a password for the web server
  45. 72b03f4 Merge branch 'mig5-192_use_Save_message_for_remote_number'
  46. 0d1fc97 Merge branch '192_use_Save_message_for_remote_number' of into mig5-192_use_Save_message_for_remote_number
  47. ee6aade Merge branch 'christxph-ck/ui-improvements'
  48. e49a3ee Merge branch 'ck/ui-improvements' of into christxph-ck/ui-improvements
  49. 69e7fc6 Merge branch 'percy-g2-bug-fix'
  50. ee0f2fe Darken overlay by 5%
  51. 7fb8940 Add Toolbar back button in EventActivity
  52. e84ccc6 Add semi-transparent overlay to camera preview to improve text/icon readability
  53. 07b8940 Replace png icons with VectorDrawables
  54. 6e24045 Force transparent background because API<=16 defaults to a black one
  55. 53d0418 Fix camera images can be upside down from rare camera.
  56. 1baf43d Merge pull request #4 from guardianproject/master
  57. 913b893 Merge branch 'percy-g2-settings-p2'
  58. e7fa68e Merge branch 'settings-p2' of into percy-g2-settings-p2
  59. 9e1ef72 Merge branch 'percy-g2-settings-p1'
  60. d3ff765 don't require touchscreens (support chromebooks, RPi's, TVs)
  61. 0071417 Merge branch 'settings-p1' of into percy-g2-settings-p1
  62. f166f34 fix marking of not required features to support tablets
  63. 78d6196 Merge branch 'fat-tire-misc_small_fixes'
  64. e21f837 re-enable password masking
  65. 81db4fb Merge branch 'misc_small_fixes' of into fat-tire-misc_small_fixes
  66. 111e9e7 Merge pull request #204 from fat-tire/hide_password
  67. a1b9105 Don't show passwords on screen
  68. 54da36d Lint: Misc fixes (see below) Still not a big cleanup but little bits
  69. df07c6d Merge pull request #199 from WangQiru/master
  70. 4dd82c3 Minor change
  71. f522de6 Merge pull request #3 from guardianproject/master
  72. ec13b57 Updated Chinese translation
  73. 79b5293 adding in code of conduct into the project
  74. 968a5e6 Merge pull request #191 from kushaldas/fpf
  75. d9c5281 Merge pull request #196 from FREEWING-JP/japanese-translation
  76. 6a1fb24 Merge pull request #197 from FREEWING-JP/fix_hard_coded_string
  77. bd0ef70 Fix Hard coded string
  78. 32904c8 Update Japanese translation
  79. 4c08a2a Use 'Save Number' dialog for Remote Signal number rather than Register
  80. 3d9daaf Fixes the abbreviation of FPF
  81. 6e658a8 The summary with string formatting marker.
  82. 1fa9dfa Address
  83. b654559 Merge pull request #2 from guardianproject/master
  84. /** 0.1.0 beta 7 build 107 / 2 January 2017 / 615265bec5d50f8fe8eb829a20f6cadd77a8c869 **/
  85. 615265b update to build 107
  86. 37396bc More tweaks to Settings, SMS / Signal setup and testing
  87. 19b0779 Merge pull request #183 from mig5/webserver_title_header
  88. b5d0c67 cleanup, enhance send test notification code
  89. 14a76a9 use up/back to persist values intead of "Save"
  90. e706c06 Fix typo "test message" vs "text message"
  91. 8a74a62 mark telephony features optional so we can support tablets and chromebooks
  92. 84ce00c For #185 ensure intent results and permissions get back to fragment
  93. 4aa4729 Use appTitle string for <title> on showLogin
  94. 4f92133 Change the <title> of the webserver interface to Haven
  95. 96355eb adding text changelog
  96. /** 0.1.0 beta 6 build 106 / 2 January 2018 / 8e26de7c4e98c5ae7dbf3c06dad76419f7573aba **/
  97. 8e26de7 update build version to 106
  98. d83f7c1 Merge branch 'btrice-master'
  99. 37b279c fix merge issue
  100. 1eb7c3b Merge branch 'master' of into btrice-master
  101. 05352b0 Merge branch 'fat-tire-fixLintIssues'
  102. 10bf557 Merge branch 'fixLintIssues' of into fat-tire-fixLintIssues
  103. a649a35 Merge branch 'opticod-fix4'
  104. c752211 Merge branch 'fix4' of into opticod-fix4
  105. d659dff Merge pull request #169 from FREEWING-JP/fix_oom
  106. b6571c2 Merge branch 'mig5-73_use_POST_for_onion_login'
  107. 6b1b539 handle the case when the mSession variable is null
  108. 4eff931 Merge branch '73_use_POST_for_onion_login' of into mig5-73_use_POST_for_onion_login
  109. 8ce9167 Merge branch 'pk-development-master'
  110. cf27d6c Merge branch 'master' of into pk-development-master
  111. 55582ab Clean Up - Ecapsulation
  112. 35c7184 Merge branch 'percy-g2-patch-1'
  113. 6d1608d Integrating material design time picker.
  114. 465c403 Merge branch 'patch-1' of into percy-g2-patch-1
  115. db91aa8 Merge pull request #165 from kbrls/patch-1
  116. e1a31ab Merge branch 'master' of
  117. 41b814a Merge branch 'opticod-preference_settings'
  118. 2167444 Merge branch 'preference_settings' of into opticod-preference_settings
  119. 4f537bb Merge pull request #170 from opticod/fix6
  120. 793557e Adding TravisCI icon in
  121. 98aff80 Added material design preference settings.
  122. b7fc74b add largeHeap true for Prevent OutOfMemoryError OOM
  123. 127f30f #73 use POST for password in Onion Service
  124. 9ff7790 Added Turkish translation
  125. 80395a2 update accelerometer config UI also
  126. fa1558a UI changes with weights and use sp instead of dp
  127. 6dabcdb Don't keep in portrait mode
  128. d908fb7 Code indentation
  129. 6e389d9 Code indentation
  130. ebd01ff Code indentation
  131. 5a680c3 Code indentation
  132. fdd5af2 Code indentation
  133. 200b04b Code indentation
  134. 7bf5dfc adding SDK 27 license agreement to travis
  135. db5ca2e update build version to 105
  136. 6bab9ea update transifex configuration with type info
  137. a117f9b update transifex config to add fastlane app store info
  138. b05cb5a Merge pull request #119 from yihuaf/chinese-translation
  139. 2cff6d1 Merge pull request #143 from FREEWING-JP/japanese-translation
  140. 8c9644d Merge branch 'mig5-71_webserver_localhost'
  141. 86ff0b9 #71 bind WebServer to
  142. 7d173f8 Lint: remove redundant local variables.
  143. 031fef9 Lint: remove redundant types and casts
  144. 9e9dd2b Lint: replace == with equals() for string comparison
  145. d2d4f54 Lint: recommended performance changes
  146. 92b9608 replace average/1 with average
  147. a401745 Lint: replace complex if with switch statement + Fix EventTrigger bug
  148. c9f1d67 Lint: Don't need explicit type argument in <>
  149. 33582b3 Lint: Remove unnecessary boxing
  150. f24942c Lint: Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer
  151. 404b959 Lint: Fix broken popupTheme tags
  152. a6652d2 Lint: Don't translate app name (it's marked untranslatable).
  153. 4c0582d Lint: In Strings, precede apostrophes with backslash.
  154. //0.1.0 beta 5 build 105
  155. e9270ed Merge branch 'rockgecko-development-accelerometer'
  156. a21a0ca move barometer and light sensor out from accelerometer preference
  157. 5b78640 Merge branch 'accelerometer' of into rockgecko-development-accelerometer
  158. 56838a0 update version code to 104 (0.1.0 beta 4)
  159. 94e2c3a Merge pull request #98 from GreyLeshy/master
  160. 0c74aeb Merge branch 'rockgecko-development-power'
  161. 455b6f0 Merge branch 'power' of into rockgecko-development-power
  162. 4582e28 Merge branch 'opticod-remove-unused-resources'
  163. 63ad01e Merge branch 'remove-unused-resources' of into opticod-remove-unused-resources
  164. 5b5e69b Merge branch 'fvcaputo-master'
  165. 1087573 Merge branch 'master' of into fvcaputo-master
  166. e81952a Merge branch 'fat-tire-fixcameraparams'
  167. 752e8e0 Merge branch 'fixcameraparams' of into fat-tire-fixcameraparams
  168. 9f322a5 Merge pull request #131 from rockgecko-development/notification2
  169. 8102be6 Merge pull request #140 from mig5/readme_no_signal_app_required
  170. a18856c Set the "best" valid preview size and fpsrange cameraPreferences.
  171. 0a49d91 Make it clear that Signal app is not a prerequisite for Signal notifications to work
  172. f7ebf69 Hide the service notification from secure lockscreen
  173. 3a48526 CLEANUP: Removing unused resources from the project.
  174. 5192b52 Monitor significant motion with BumpMonitor
  175. 335ec39 Merge branch 'oliviakumar-patch-3'
  176. 8fd9523 Merge branch 'patch-3' of into oliviakumar-patch-3
  177. 57859b9 Merge pull request #127 from oliviakumar/patch-2
  178. e0ed1e9 Merge branch 'fat-tire-sliderchanges'
  179. 0bb97af Merge branch 'sliderchanges' of into fat-tire-sliderchanges
  180. 2053600 set notification important to minimum - keep the ongoing notification low profile
  181. e33f2f8 change Ninguna to Apagada for "off"
  182. 44146b3 Merge branch 'jempe-master'
  183. 629a047 Merge branch 'master' of into jempe-master
  184. e899dcc Merge pull request #92 from Ajimi/master
  185. 0e9599f remove Toast UI notification, as it is not effective or needed
  186. ca4535e Merge branch 'opticod-fix2'
  187. 9d0ac69 Merge branch 'fix2' of into opticod-fix2
  188. 32e558a update travis for SDK 27 and build tools 27.0.3
  189. 3dbde9f Merge branch 'fat-tire-updateproj'
  190. 375e69b Merge branch 'updateproj' of into fat-tire-updateproj
  191. 32f8977 correctly log the current charging state
  192. f14a91e Update
  193. fbc4420 Update
  194. 17ebbbd Merge pull request #68 from fat-tire/nosettingsbackup
  195. 2707872 Merge pull request #77 from brainwane/capitalization-fix
  196. d77d961 Merge pull request #86 from mattr777/master
  197. 54e81dd Merge pull request #93 from louiswolfers/master
  198. 05fb7d9 Merge pull request #74 from tbroadley/fix-typos
  199. d0e7c45 Merge pull request #123 from licaon-kter/patch-1
  200. 77d635b Merge pull request #79 from ninharp/master
  201. 1fd369e Merge pull request #113 from TheDorkKnightRises/onboarding-first-launch
  202. 6db4825 Keep app name untranslatable
  203. b9309c5 language: to remove the translation of the quatrains from the Russian translation
  204. 0312e87 Slider changes to fix #108 and betterize the slider behavior generally
  205. 9da2846 woops, another double
  206. 8d9b043 Show onboarding only on first launch
  207. 50f1d07 what is going on
  208. eee4ae3 Removed some strings that where there twice
  209. 6a8b5b8 Indenting
  210. 8047287 Merge branch 'master' into master
  211. 1cdc75f no conflicts pls
  212. 5ed1a4f Fixed some typos
  213. 000bbfb Delete strings.xml
  214. 8a20831 Added some missing strings
  215. f2ed63d language: fix Russian translation
  216. d9b1789 Fix small typo
  217. 2c47b51 Fixes #100: Device orientation and handling orientation change
  218. 3fcfc61 Merge pull request #76 from opticod/fix1
  219. 591e64d Merge pull request #95 from diego09310/improve-spanish-translation
  220. bd7c4c4 Merge pull request #99 from OldMetalmind/master
  221. e30134c language: added Portuguese (Portugal), pt-PT translation
  222. 3e2231c Use Notification channel (required for API 27, but backwards compatible)
  223. a46937a Also update Java to 1.8 from 1.7
  224. a58992a Improved and completed Spanish translation
  225. 830800e Spanish translation improved
  226. 7de3e76 Added french translation
  227. 63da03e Fix small typos
  228. e1590a8 Fix small typos
  229. 96d0ab7 Fix typo
  230. 56ef8af language: added Russian translation
  231. 9aba2c5 Adds time constant comparison
  232. 29900f2 fix spanish typos
  233. 176eb47 Change "follow projects" to "following projects" under Attributions
  234. c48988f Added german translation
  235. 1c64432 Capitalize GitHub in documentation
  236. 7d1d5d5 Fixes #75: Prevent loss of data on Device Rotation in Accel and Microphone Configure Activity by fixing the layout to portrait.
  237. aafbeca docs: fix typos
  238. 8740fa8 Merge pull request #59 from dazcode/master
  239. 2c0c24e Merge pull request #69 from fat-tire/noserviceexport
  240. 10ad51a Don't export the service. There are no filters yet but jic this is good to have.
  241. 413296c Don't automatically back up app settings.
  242. fb988cd Update project/libraries/tools to latest stable + fix breakage on older API
  243. d0ac183 fix tools:context from pointing to an unresolved package (info.guardianproject.phoneypot.)
  244. 8b56cda update readme with iPhone message
  245. 4fc2d21 update website
  246. adca3b9 update the beta install link
  247. c6b7f3e Merge branch 'master' of
  248. ffb5396 update website with new media locations
  249. b15d552 Merge pull request #53 from eighthave/master
  250. 807ea72 include app title, short, and long descriptions in fastlane
  251. ebe3dfa move graphics into Fastlane structure, to publish on F-Droid and Play
  252. 524fa30 update site layout
  253. 5af3ece update site title
  254. 918237d update to build 102 and org.havenapp.main package
  255. 91edf69 make the monitor background the right color
  256. b5868a1 don't autoactive timer unless already running
  257. 0fd6f69 tuning of accel/motion sensor; new UI for configuration
  258. 1c62775 update package imports after refactor
  259. f2dc953 refactored to org.havenapp.main package and project name
  260. 2d5185e upgrade to build 101
  261. d38a3ff formatting space
  262. 22e6308 more conservative use of the camera params for now
  263. b6ba321 handle crashes from the media record better
  264. 1737d0d adding travis configuration
  265. afa52b5 update to build 100 for 0.1.0-beta-1
  266. 46f53a2 update preso pdf
  267. d1bf951 update readme presentation link
  268. 33e4e0e add jsreveal presentation
  269. 89f5956 update to v20
  270. 6e6789c set supported frame rate
  271. cd6da98 update layout
  272. cc5c6a2 update config yml
  273. da9d389 more site updates
  274. 0c266fd update site and logos
  275. cddb4e7 update site config
  276. 016b73a fix the tagline
  277. e49441f fix the jekyll
  278. 840e876 updates to jekyll
  279. 8301334 Merge branch 'master' of
  280. 41bd042 update website
  281. 67d0529 Set theme jekyll-theme-cayman
  282. d3e6fc5 build 19
  283. 294c75b make sure audio file is done recording before sending
  284. e9c4f21 fix bug in gradle
  285. 63662da update build and manifest
  286. 12c8090 improvements to spanish translation
  287. 9c1a076 increase sensitivy of motion detection
  288. 7a93a4e add support for sending audio notifications over Signal
  289. e4c3661 tweak accel detection
  290. d40ab2c tweak about display
  291. 2cb0d09 updated to 0.0.17
  292. bb218d1 make out the preview fps
  293. d7ff89a improve the camera preview speed
  294. d15980f source code cleanup
  295. 2ed2152 start supporting RSS for onion syncing
  296. 194ede7 Merge branch 'master' of
  297. 5b168f1 adding more information about 3rd party libs and licenses
  298. 9810877 Update
  299. 3cc3259 Update
  300. 7682c45 Update
  301. 80bd1eb Update
  302. 7e942df Update
  303. bca8358 Update
  304. dc5c379 Update
  305. cdda905 Update
  306. ec12936 add screens
  307. 8834c71 improvements to time configuration UI
  308. 1cf930f Merge branch 'master' of
  309. 73841cb fixes for #41 to enable basic password for onion service
  310. ebeef2f Update
  311. 82f910a Update
  312. 48b1903 Set theme jekyll-theme-tactile
  313. 70e31f9 Update
  314. 4dc1006 remove index, we will just use the readme for now
  315. 16f49b2 Merge branch 'master' of
  316. 70fea70 Update
  317. 9981c8b Update
  318. d6d2ac8 add gh-pages website
  319. d407993 remove template website
  320. daa60da Merge branch 'master' of
  321. 6760bd2 add website template
  322. e1c6bae Set theme jekyll-theme-slate
  323. c6b561d test docs page
  324. d3d97d6 removed signal-cli as submodule; moved to gradle
  325. 6db0bdf Removed submodule signal-cli
  326. 096762f update to 0.0.15
  327. e3e6a33 improve the Signal setup a little bit
  328. 29c0f1d update readme with signal license info
  329. 0574ceb add support for sending photos via Signal
  330. 404e46a for #21, add signal sending support for event notifications
  331. 75c5236 more progress on #21, can register and verify almost
  332. e4a1f0d For #21, building, but now working, support for Signal
  333. 7e68ca5 update to guardianproject fork of signal-cli for android
  334. 22dbf35 removing Signal as a submodule
  335. ea48f2c tune the mic threshold configure display a bit
  336. a9fc690 remove movement sensitivty adjustor for now
  337. 3a8f487 fixed typos in spanish strings
  338. c787aa0 add our current presentation
  339. bf96630 update build to add enough memory to complete
  340. 03dfebe update to 0.0.14
  341. 635c6ee remove custom protocol store for now
  342. d261747 update package for power sensor
  343. 6ab5e71 update spanish strings
  344. dfe024a improve cancel/deactivate logic
  345. 29b9581 fix typo that turned an int into a car
  346. 2233edb update UI for localizatoin and extract remaining strings
  347. c8236b7 make sure monitor service is running
  348. 083d895 change title of webpage to match app
  349. cb1b640 lock onboarding into portrait mode
  350. 4f7ddfe add transifex support and add our first spanish localization!
  351. 68db8d6 add initial support for Signal message sending
  352. 1e0871f update to 0.0.13
  353. e8fd0e8 Make sure monitor service is not null
  354. cedfd4f update to 0.0.12
  355. 5be5838 add support for detecting power changes
  356. 74c54f1 update art
  357. 319f24d add a fancy header
  358. aedfb9b remove unused graphics
  359. dbfe832 tweak layout of header text
  360. 507734e improve layout of main screen
  361. 9c45128 append onion address to text message notificatoins
  362. 8d4c48e update to build 11 (0.0.11)
  363. 91227e7 a few more onboarding and permissions tweaks
  364. 6a867f5 ensure mic permissions are requested!
  365. 5c29260 Major UI overhaul in line with #37 proposals
  366. 25467c8 improve onboarding
  367. 6978de9 add support for audiowaves library
  368. 1ebeba0 add the display of audio waveforms
  369. 2b803fc add art assets to project
  370. eff9b90 update how Sugar OOM is setup and called
  371. d0ee22a update depenencies
  372. 7fe0319 updating logo and color scheme
  373. 9c9d3fb branding updates!
  374. d3290ad android sdk updates and gradle too
  375. e27424d don't crash when there are no items in the list
  376. 71ff1c6 improve #21 by adding simple authenticated session option
  377. 6bc171f update to 0.0.10
  378. 41bf504 enable easy sharing of photos from event stream
  379. 5ab8adb let's set light threshold to 100 for now
  380. 01ccae0 add support for light sensor - can detect flash lights in the room!
  381. 3133763 insert new event into the top of the list
  382. 9b13ca6 tap to zoom image display starts in right spot
  383. 3a11e22 reverse the order of the image display
  384. 511ed98 add improved support for image display and browsing
  385. b2defa1 rotate preview images so they are vertical
  386. 593ce54 captured photos should be in full color!
  387. 798682f update to 0.0.9
  388. 7d3acca fix typos
  389. 7322a3e improve microphone sound threshold configuratoin UI/UX
  390. bbd6ec8 add warning if they enable onion services w/o Orbot
  391. ae64ba0 improve layout and UX of Setting screen (part 1)
  392. 734f275 more work on file deletion and blocking of gallery indexing added ".nomedia" to phoneypot folder so that the Gallery app won't try to suck these in
  393. dc22847 implement #21 remote access via onion server and orbot! The app allows you to now enable remote access through an HTTP web interface that is available, in coordination with the Orbot Tor for Android app, as a Tor Hidden or "onion" service.
  394. c944a86 update to 0.0.8
  395. 3dcdcc2 add first noise "room tone" baseline #12
  396. 6d98ef9 support batch sending of event log with attachments
  397. a83c4e2 for #24 add ability to swipe away false trigger events
  398. 4ba0436 improve the delete / undo capability
  399. c5a95ba for #19 reduce framerate of preview, should help with battery
  400. 787a57b fixes #30 ensures swipe deletes; also add share per item!
  401. 91e9891 update to 0.0.7
  402. 7f70d29 improve list display of images and audio
  403. fc1181b update to build 0.0.6
  404. d4dbb14 a few more UI tweaks
  405. e3138c0 improvements to onboarding, first-time logic
  406. 46028b7 minor UI/color tweaking
  407. a2ba058 fix issues with persistence of event triggers
  408. 3d65072 fix bug with crashing after event window
  409. 456ddf4 make the threshold lower for change detection
  410. 69c47ba add Barometer/Pressure sensor #32 first bits of code - need to figure out what a typical "diff" in pressure looks like when a door opens
  411. 3f6a0b5 implemented onboarding #11 very basic start with graphics
  412. b0f5558 make all sensors support "off" - also fix issues with audio and media paths
  413. 4a95206 tweak accel readings to be more sensitive
  414. c0f7c2f update to 0.0.5
  415. 29efbde add countdown timer and fix audio playback
  416. 55b2bce add countdown screen and cancel buttons - also fix a bug with persisting the audio file path
  417. 99251ac updated to 0.0.4
  418. 9983f44 improve layout and add support for inline image and audio
  419. 389afc0 update eventtrigger list UI and add support for storing detection images
  420. 8d4154a 0.0.3
  421. 11953e7 more progress on #15 for the alert/event log
  422. 43ae704 very basic event display and share UI
  423. d078907 major progress on #15 with data persistence and log UI
  424. 7332fec using Sugar ORM for data persistence of event info
  425. b0d17c9 code package refactor
  426. fe0d363 remove notifications, and hide them from lockscreen
  427. 4585a84 update to 0.0.2
  428. a3de1b6 update build files
  429. ec218a2 updating source code headers as appropriate
  430. 06b6781 update readme
  431. 4ffba25 add wakelock to keep it from sleeping
  432. f5ae3ce camera motion detection also working
  433. 861c709 sound and motion/accel working
  434. 4324206 basic accel alert is working
  435. 6211580 delete old readme
  436. a09a22e update README
  437. 1e5bf02 change how the service is triggered - also add new notification icon
  438. ec545ae 0.0.1
  439. 37d7d3c changes to permissions and preference management
  440. eb048d3 add new launcher icon
  441. 5f1601f Merge branch 'master' of
  442. c7563cb move old project files
  443. e1208b4 fixes for repackaging
  444. 685c250 refactor to new package for phoneypot
  445. fb22841 update phoneypot readme
  446. e97f2e2 removing out of date screenshots
  447. de7710d first major update and refactoring for phoneypot
  448. 2825a23 Initial commit
  449. 3e05ffd Resized screenshots, fixed typo
  450. b7f9893 Fixed image format
  451. 67ca524 Updated README file
  452. e9ef42c Added screenshots
  453. 72eedac Avoid re-creating camera preview upon resume
  454. a61f402 Added license and readme
  455. 32be231 Gitignore for a gradle project
  456. 0b0a6a4 Removed old and unnecessary files
  457. fe47005 Refactoring to a Gradle project
  458. 3431c8b Aggiunta slide architettura
  459. 0cd5ba0 Sistemata relazione ipermediali. Correti refusi grammaticali e aggiunta sezione per Calibrazione del dispositivo.
  460. fe2df2c Riletto e corretto relazione wireless.
  461. aa1819a Creata presentazione wireless
  462. 329c703 Modifiche relazioni
  463. 8448bc8 Corretta cappella
  464. cccc76d Added architecture section
  465. 3034a83 Style fix
  466. 9100b34 Fixed binding in AndroidManifest for refactored UploadService
  467. 49c41d7 Deleted VolumeDynamicSeries. Renamed BluetoothService. Deleted warnings.
  468. d3262a9 Merge branch 'master' of
  469. c256b10 Added alert label in accelerometer fragment. Changed accelerometer threshold.
  470. c93b06f Aggiunta presentazione .tex e modificato gitignore
  471. 3e609ce Merge branch 'master' of
  472. add3565 Aggiunta e corretta presentazione
  473. 29b8e30 Merge branch 'master' of
  474. 96c1970 Sistemata orientazione bitmap per fotocamera frontale
  475. 19969fa Sistemati errori diagramma di classe
  476. ac1864b Sistemato errore \ref image
  477. 5f17d8c Eliminato paragrafo riguardante prove sperimentali per motion detection. Altre modifiche minori grammaticali.
  478. 0641e1d Ultime modifiche relazione reti wireless
  479. f447f1b Sistemata relazione ipermediali: creata prima pagina e fatto controllo con aspell
  480. 41eba61 corretti due errori nella sezione immagini (relazione ipermediali)
  481. 88b2614 Eliminate parti in inglese relazione di reti wireless
  482. 3a16846 Sistemati serie di bug, aggiunte nuove immagini, sistemato e testato invio dati bluetooth
  483. f4c9c38 Corretta relazione reti wireless, aggiunta screenshot sezione microfono relazione wireless
  484. 8ff0903 risolti conflitti
  485. 51562cc Terminata stesura sezione di allarme
  486. a9cada1 Stesa sezione audio relazione ipermediali
  487. 769f5a6 Aggiunta estensione bluetooth a relazione wireless
  488. 8be5611 Inserita introduzione e sezione sull'accelerometro
  489. 1670bb7 Merge branch 'master' of
  490. 1a8b255 Terminata stesura relativa alle immagini.
  491. 62868cb Aggiunta sezione 'Data representation' per microfono
  492. 82e3534 Fixati una serie di bug di chiusura e apertura applicazione, integrata relazione wireless con nuove screenshot
  493. 8cac88d Reorganized ImageCodec. Moved computational work from Preview to MotionAsyncTask.
  494. fb1c8dc Fixed initialization of motion sensitivity threshold
  495. 7f3e129 Updated graphical volume picker. Fixed running background sound-sampling when stopped application.
  496. d29d9fb Merge branch 'master' of
  497. cf6b1a0 Eliminato file temporaneo che non so che abbia creato e sistemato logaritmo relazione palazzi
  498. adafbf6 Creata bozza per la relazione di ipermediali riguardante gestione immaini.
  499. b46c149 Relazione wireless
  500. 9b9f9f9 Bound alert service to the microphone, set sensitivity levels in decibels
  501. f915c58 Added flash support
  502. b6fbf4a Bound alert service to the camera
  503. f486a3c Fixed some bugs added accelerometer sensitivity, added test before using location provider
  504. bc93368 Fixed microphone and camera bugs, changed VolumePicker
  505. b0a597c Merge branch 'master' of
  506. 407a7b6 Added async tasks to upload images, positions and stuff, fixed some errors
  507. 86698d6 An attempt to porting to the java code. Not Compiled yet, need few fixes yet
  508. 9c35d08 labels are now dinamically created according with the Scale/Noise/Clipping values
  509. 0b016c2 Added original Haxe implementation of the volume level meter as comment in the Microphone Volume Picker class
  510. 13c3e21 Wireless networks project, first commit