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  n8fr8 990ce9e6c9 update signal-cli-android to 0.6.0 1 year ago
  n8fr8 6966bed547 a few tweaks to camera behavior 1 year ago
  n8fr8 29da0f7315 remove Picasso for image loading since we can just use Fresco 1 year ago
  n8fr8 e2ca365329 update to build 115 1 year ago
  n8fr8 b9374797dc more improvements to video recording 1 year ago
  n8fr8 72011b8192 add blank drawable to clear out detection overlay 1 year ago
  n8fr8 f095929639 enscure motion detect sensivity is updated as the user changes it 1 year ago
  n8fr8 7070dbbe49 re-use the MotionDetector, and other improvements 1 year ago
  n8fr8 625cab54ad lock to portrait since CameraView requires that 1 year ago
  n8fr8 68ce40e762 update start button to be more visible 1 year ago
  n8fr8 4431fd0474 handle the view logs / deactivate button as expected 1 year ago
  n8fr8 2654119f8d ensure Event delete and undo is working as expected 1 year ago
  n8fr8 2acb1be84f address #313 (don't unbind service more than once!) and refactor Preview to CameraViewHolder 1 year ago
  n8fr8 85de67b2d9 sensor alerts should only be recorded if monitoring is active 1 year ago
  n8fr8 b1b6d94e05 Add Picture-in-Picture support to keep the camera alive in the background 1 year ago
  n8fr8 201dccfadd bump to v114 for my dev test build 1 year ago
  n8fr8 13fd4c9f84 begin work on a background camera using overlay from the service 1 year ago
  n8fr8 ea7facf0e5 Why use PARTIAL when we can still get FULL!? 1 year ago
  n8fr8 77fd35f21f begin work on hardware video encoder using MediaCodec 1 year ago
  n8fr8 f91a6f4b84 use the application context not the activity context 1 year ago
  n8fr8 b20c175475 implement JCodec for encoding video frames 1 year ago
  n8fr8 a1609c465f lower the camera resolution a small amount to improve performance 1 year ago
  n8fr8 45fc1f43ef load the image using the fileprovider 1 year ago
  n8fr8 decc74a1c4 fixes for back and front camera overlay rotation 1 year ago
  n8fr8 7bf626c31b move MotionDetector to a more logical package 1 year ago
  n8fr8 e0ecdc69a3 major update to support CameraViewPlus for #295 #297 #111 and others 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 6a930cb919 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:guardianproject/haven into room_experiments 1 year ago
  n8fr8 3a8b2e655e remove support for v13 support library 1 year ago
  n8fr8 d77349274d some improvements for the constraint layout 1 year ago
  n8fr8 930ddd5bf5 Merge branch 'convert-two-linear-layout-to-one-constraint' of https://github.com/AndrewR8/haven into AndrewR8-convert-two-linear-layout-to-one-constraint 1 year ago
  n8fr8 c845b4ab5a Merge branch 'master' of github.com:guardianproject/haven 1 year ago
  Nathan Freitas f9547298b9
Merge pull request #309 from archie94/share_valid_trigger_files 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 2edef51134 Organise media storage by session 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 85c60a583c Add URIs for valid file / file paths only 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu ddb7f9c37f Update fresco, waveform:library, libphonenumber 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 7d03ce29f9 Downgrade fressco, picasso & waveform versions, update support version 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 081a3a1991 Update dependencies 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu a77960d57f Make database migration ready 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 673b63666d Remove Sugar ORM dependency 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 482364f837 Bug fix: show event triggers corresponding to events 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 7c7ccaac1d Show events (recent one at top) 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu ac1417bed9 Remove unused dependencies 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 096a22fd78 Replace Event and EventTrigger with RoomDatabase 1 year ago
  Arka Prava Basu 6ea12c6329 Room Persistance initial achitecture 1 year ago
  n8fr8 4cba15e51d fixes for video recording and playback 1 year ago
  n8fr8 ac9f495b26 update multiple dependency libraries 1 year ago
  n8fr8 61aadc4f70 Merge branch 'lukeswitz-dev' 1 year ago
  n8fr8 28c6b6cb81 Merge branch 'dev' of https://github.com/lukeswitz/haven into lukeswitz-dev 1 year ago
  Nathan Freitas 519ec74422
Merge pull request #285 from HenryQW/master 1 year ago
  n8fr8 e6558c15ce Merge branch 'master' of github.com:guardianproject/haven 1 year ago