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  n8fr8 693db02190 update to build 212 vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 30a8126056 animate buttons for light and power events vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 dfb55ddc5d added new feedback mechanism for camera sensitivity vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 f7da93c8aa fix display of event log title on activity vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 0b50d8b3eb initial work in new monitor display UI vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 501125f8c5 clean-up how file paths are handled for internal media vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 dee330852e Merge branch 'lukeswitz-hb-notification-mods' vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 3192e6d18a Merge branch 'hb-notification-mods' of https://github.com/lukeswitz/haven into lukeswitz-hb-notification-mods vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 bb0d7b5dd7 Merge branch 'lukeswitz-settings_layout_fix' vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 76c85ba7a9 Merge branch 'settings_layout_fix' of https://github.com/lukeswitz/haven into lukeswitz-settings_layout_fix vor 1 Woche
  Nathan Freitas cea9d51128
Merge pull request #366 from guardianproject/dev_camera_fixes vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 bf09efa4a0 code cleanup; changed detection interval to 200ms from 300ms vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 c9ba5e545d ensure strings aren't requested when there is no context vor 1 Woche
  Luke S 324daf2049 Fix SettingsTheme alignment below v27 vor 1 Woche
  n8fr8 6fb03a474d improvements to visual feedback of sensor event vor 2 Wochen
  Luke S f5dbf17eec modify hb strings, help address #302 vor 2 Wochen
  Luke S 5ba758e15e optimize imports vor 2 Wochen
  Luke S b697f39a6e update gradle & kotlin vor 2 Wochen
  Luke S 03a37babc2 use single line entry for Signal # and HB inputs vor 2 Wochen
  Luke S f7b002c9ef update strings and settings vor 2 Wochen
  Luke S a45e395d7a Add customizable heartbeat alerts & battery % vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 e8f37748dd more work on #365 - simplify display of motion detection vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 06c4a8cdd7 for #365 reduce camera resolution and remove one unneeded bitmap vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 272b3416c8 build code to 211 for 0.0.2 beta 1 vor 2 Wochen
  Nathan Freitas 2be8c80b67
Merge pull request #361 from guardianproject/dev_new_cameraview vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 4aa51f7349 RenderScript in AndroidX is making things crash; disable for now! vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 4b808e6b6d more cleanly isolate notification channel code vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 dcce5774f7 don't record audio with the video camera vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 ffff90b389 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:guardianproject/haven into dev_new_cameraview vor 2 Wochen
  Nathan Freitas a51704c715
Merge pull request #362 from lukeswitz/updates vor 2 Wochen
  Nathan Freitas 13be145f23
Merge pull request #363 from archie94/update_readme_2 vor 2 Wochen
  Arka Prava Basu f221ab3ee4 Modify Readme to update Attributions Section vor 2 Wochen
  Luke S 72032518ed appIntro & test updates vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 f906d5ce34 switch to new CameraView: https://github.com/natario1/CameraView vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 e6a97bef8d Merge branch 'archie94-room_experiments' vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 4016ae12aa use direct path for displaying images vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 34a8ea95c4 setup gradle to 3.3 and kotlin to 1.3 vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 451b659b53 Merge branch 'room_experiments' of https://github.com/archie94/haven into archie94-room_experiments vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 b8d4b9ed21 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:guardianproject/haven vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 e1b3ed24f3 Merge branch 'fat-tire-updatestuff' vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 8147d78d61 Merge branch 'updatestuff' of https://github.com/fat-tire/haven into fat-tire-updatestuff vor 2 Wochen
  n8fr8 d571e1d432 update gradle vor 2 Wochen
  Nathan Freitas bc0d245af0
Merge pull request #356 from oculushut/master vor 2 Wochen
  fattire df38846b20 Fix import formatting that got moved around by Android Studio vor 4 Wochen
  fattire 6fd9dcad50 Fix lint issue with switchpreferencecompat -> switchpreference vor 4 Wochen
  fattire 949de507ff Fix minor lint issue with redundant warning suppression. vor 4 Wochen
  fattire 77c333f7ad Update libraries, build tools, and fix resulting broken build. vor 4 Wochen
  fattire e0cedb0a6a Update gradle to latest stable (4.10.2->5.1.1) vor 4 Wochen
  fattire 56659d8f97 Fix minor lint HTML issue. vor 4 Wochen
  Arka Prava Basu 68cf160e01 Fixing Tests vor 3 Monaten