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  n8fr8 a52455e9d5 update to version 118 vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 332c16383d update travis for SDK 28 vor 2 Monaten
  Nathan Freitas ed7d6661ff
Merge pull request #353 from IsaacYAGI/fix-gitignore-merge-conflict-unsolved vor 2 Monaten
  Nathan Freitas e53f752d4f
Merge pull request #352 from IsaacYAGI/fix-improvement-es-translations vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 02658584fd Merge branch 'fat-tire-remove_colons' vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 45042625ee remove unnecessary use of FileProvider to support complex paths vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 87f3062e32 Merge branch 'remove_colons' of https://github.com/fat-tire/haven into fat-tire-remove_colons vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 fc4dc2c30d Merge branch 'fat-tire-pie_changes' vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 9223dd6641 disable RTL support for now to fix AppIntro bug vor 2 Monaten
  Isaac Yriarte 8d658f8776 Fix: Unresolved conflict commit in .gitignore vor 2 Monaten
  Isaac Yriarte d007b3d155 Fix: Improvement in ES Translations vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 a315b41e87 set minimum build memory to 2g vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 a499680e7c update file provider paths to not crash vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 81923fdd23 Merge branch 'pie_changes' of https://github.com/fat-tire/haven into fat-tire-pie_changes vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 3d7f13485a Address dumb build error disallowing double--dash in xml comments vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 73a72ef521 Limit save directory path to alphanumeric plus underline, dash & / vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 905e20c0c6 Use "yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss.SSS" for saved file & directory names vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 460a732852 Use yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss for date/time format for folders (remove colons) vor 2 Monaten
  fattire df601f5736 Target Pie & AS3.3/tools - updated libs, migrate to androidx + appcompat vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 802930a5d4 Fix "no such table" bug. vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 7fb687e042 update gradle from 4.9-rc1 to 4.10.2 vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 00bfc44676 Fix minor lint issues & remove dead code & make constants static vor 2 Monaten
  fattire 409b213a84 Fix potential crashes (catch exceptions/check for nulls) vor 2 Monaten
  n8fr8 7f44acea67 change default path to "haven", and fix settings UI vor 2 Monaten
  Nathan Freitas 10da388615
Merge pull request #341 from archie94/update_readme vor 2 Monaten
  Arka Prava Basu 98e1355e84 Update README to remove picasso from list of dependencies vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 917ff843bb update version code to 117 vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 3e83443a6e more work on #330, get preference to work vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 17113152b3 work on #330 to allow configuration of base storage path vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 6f65e41dd7 Merge branch 'archie94-media_storage' vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 0aae3db6e5 Merge branch 'media_storage' of https://github.com/archie94/haven into archie94-media_storage vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 b88ea43d0d Merge branch 'archie94-pipmode_crash_fix' vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 de5d2de46e Merge branch 'pipmode_crash_fix' of https://github.com/archie94/haven into archie94-pipmode_crash_fix vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 7279b7692b Merge branch 'randolf-patch-1' vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 0c43c0cea2 Merge branch 'patch-1' of https://github.com/randolf/haven into randolf-patch-1 vor 3 Monaten
  n8fr8 eda3d032fb Merge branch 'archie94-update_dependencies' vor 3 Monaten
  Arka Prava Basu 52e6f70b96 Allow PIP mode for API level 26 (Android O) or above vor 3 Monaten
  Randolf Richardson 218b638452
Various minor improvements to grammar in README.md vor 4 Monaten
  Arka Prava Basu 49274a7368 Update gradle version to 4.9-rc-1 vor 4 Monaten
  Arka Prava Basu 7ce3ae3872 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:guardianproject/haven into update_dependencies vor 4 Monaten
  Arka Prava Basu adb6b32da7 Keep Event start time as session time vor 4 Monaten
  Nathan Freitas 9ff8b02080
Merge pull request #314 from guardianproject/dev-cameraviewplus vor 4 Monaten
  n8fr8 c22ecae7f0 update to build 116 vor 4 Monaten
  n8fr8 37a6c9d6bc if video is activated, don't send still photo notifications vor 4 Monaten
  n8fr8 990ce9e6c9 update signal-cli-android to 0.6.0 vor 4 Monaten
  n8fr8 6966bed547 a few tweaks to camera behavior vor 4 Monaten
  n8fr8 29da0f7315 remove Picasso for image loading since we can just use Fresco vor 4 Monaten
  n8fr8 e2ca365329 update to build 115 vor 5 Monaten
  n8fr8 b9374797dc more improvements to video recording vor 5 Monaten
  n8fr8 72011b8192 add blank drawable to clear out detection overlay vor 5 Monaten