187 Commits (d3d97d641b634eed83692c80e845e0af0b37ee5b)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  n8fr8 d3d97d641b removed signal-cli as submodule; moved to gradle 1 year ago
  n8fr8 6db0bdfe4d Removed submodule signal-cli 1 year ago
  n8fr8 096762f0f8 update to 0.0.15 1 year ago
  n8fr8 e3e6a3379e improve the Signal setup a little bit 1 year ago
  n8fr8 29c0f1d177 update readme with signal license info 1 year ago
  n8fr8 0574cebd27 add support for sending photos via Signal 1 year ago
  n8fr8 404e46a8ee for #21, add signal sending support for event notifications 1 year ago
  n8fr8 75c52361dd more progress on #21, can register and verify almost 1 year ago
  n8fr8 e4a1f0d700 For #21, building, but now working, support for Signal 1 year ago
  n8fr8 7e68ca5309 update to guardianproject fork of signal-cli for android 1 year ago
  n8fr8 22dbf35332 removing Signal as a submodule 1 year ago
  n8fr8 ea48f2cc27 tune the mic threshold configure display a bit 1 year ago
  n8fr8 a9fc6907d3 remove movement sensitivty adjustor for now 1 year ago
  n8fr8 3a8f4874a5 fixed typos in spanish strings 1 year ago
  n8fr8 c787aa01c6 add our current presentation 1 year ago
  n8fr8 bf96630e04 update build to add enough memory to complete 1 year ago
  n8fr8 03dfebe931 update to 0.0.14 1 year ago
  n8fr8 635c6ee494 remove custom protocol store for now 1 year ago
  n8fr8 d26174735b update package for power sensor 1 year ago
  n8fr8 6ab5e71d38 update spanish strings 1 year ago
  n8fr8 dfe024a597 improve cancel/deactivate logic 1 year ago
  n8fr8 29b9581c7f fix typo that turned an int into a car 1 year ago
  n8fr8 2233edb00b update UI for localizatoin and extract remaining strings 1 year ago
  n8fr8 c8236b7947 make sure monitor service is running 1 year ago
  n8fr8 083d895151 change title of webpage to match app 1 year ago
  n8fr8 cb1b64050d lock onboarding into portrait mode 1 year ago
  n8fr8 4f7ddfe922 add transifex support and add our first spanish localization! 1 year ago
  n8fr8 68db8d6c2b add initial support for Signal message sending 1 year ago
  n8fr8 1e0871f96b update to 0.0.13 2 years ago
  n8fr8 e8fd0e89cf Make sure monitor service is not null 2 years ago
  n8fr8 cedfd4f841 update to 0.0.12 2 years ago
  n8fr8 5be58389da add support for detecting power changes 2 years ago
  n8fr8 74c54f1a38 update art 2 years ago
  n8fr8 319f24df93 add a fancy header 2 years ago
  n8fr8 aedfb9be14 remove unused graphics 2 years ago
  n8fr8 dbfe8322ee tweak layout of header text 2 years ago
  n8fr8 507734e36f improve layout of main screen 2 years ago
  n8fr8 9c451282bf append onion address to text message notificatoins 2 years ago
  n8fr8 8d4c48ef72 update to build 11 (0.0.11) 2 years ago
  n8fr8 91227e737e a few more onboarding and permissions tweaks 2 years ago
  n8fr8 6a867f5fd2 ensure mic permissions are requested! 2 years ago
  n8fr8 5c29260fb9 Major UI overhaul in line with #37 proposals 2 years ago
  n8fr8 25467c827b improve onboarding 2 years ago
  n8fr8 6978de962f add support for audiowaves library 2 years ago
  n8fr8 1ebeba0c9f add the display of audio waveforms 2 years ago
  n8fr8 2b803fcc1e add art assets to project 2 years ago
  n8fr8 eff9b902f1 update how Sugar OOM is setup and called 2 years ago
  n8fr8 d0ee22a64e update depenencies 2 years ago
  n8fr8 7fe0319100 updating logo and color scheme 2 years ago
  n8fr8 9c9d3fbf03 branding updates! 2 years ago